10 Habits That Are Damaging Your Teeth

10 Thing You Didn’t Realize Were Damaging Your Teeth

Everyone knows that sugary sweet things are your teeth’ enemy and poor dental hygiene can speed up the decaying process of your teeth. You may go for a regular visit to the dentist for your checkup and cleaning to save you from cavities or something worse and still end up with tooth problems. That is because there are some things you might be doing that you had no idea were damaging your teeth! Here they are:

1.     Eating Gummy Bears

Yes, we all know sugar is bad, but did you know gummies are specifically worse for your teeth? That is because they have the tendency to stick to your enamel and stay in contact until they dissolve!

2.     Clenching Your Jaw

In times of tension and stress, some of us tend to clench our jaw. This could lead to sensitivity over time and loosen our teeth from the pressure.

3.     Opening Stuff Using Your Teeth

Sure, opening a packet of chips or cracking open that beer with your teeth seems like a convenient idea, but have you ever wondered what it’s doing to your teeth? It can cause cracks and chips in teeth that can result in infections in the tooth.

4.     Drinking Coffee

Coffee is acidic by nature so it can deteriorate your enamel over time. Plus, the dark color of coffee stains your teeth. Avoid having coffee, or rinse your mouth with water right after to avoid these problems.

5.     Drinking Wine

The acidity of wine can cause your enamel to start breaking down, leaving it susceptible to stains. Yes, red wine can stain your teeth, but white wine is more acidic, so be careful!

6.     Grinding Teeth

People usually grind their teeth in their sleep or in stressful situations. This can weaken your teeth over time and cause sensitivity and pain. Try to make a conscious effort not to do it in the day and wear a mouth guard at night to protect your teeth.

7.     Chewing Pens or Pencils

This has the same effect on your teeth as opening packets of chips or bottles on your teeth. It can weaken and crack your teeth, leaving it open to infections.

8.     Too Much Mouthwash

Yes! Mouthwash can damage your teeth. If you use it too often, the acid in mouthwash can start to damage your enamel and dentine!

9.     Chewing Ice

Not only does the cold from ice make your teeth sensitive, but chewing on the hard surface can also cause your tooth to chip or crack. This habit is not as harmless as it seems!

10.  Drinking Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are marketed as being something to accompany a workout and have the perception of being healthy but they are often loaded with sugar, which can decay teeth.

If you have noticed yourself indulging in any of these habits and are starting to see the effect on your teeth, it’s probably time to see the dentist! If you’re in the Diamond Bar, CA area, you can click here to book an appointment, or call 909-240-1784 now!

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