Foods that Stain Your Teeth

Food is love! Who can deny that? Like all good things, it comes with a price. When consumed in excess, there are certain foods that tend to stain your teeth. Teeth stains are common among people and can easily be countered with teeth whitening procedures.

Stained teeth incur no real harm but often interfere with the physical appearance of your teeth. After all, who doesn’t want to flash a bright white, million dollar smile? In order to avoid the darkening of teeth, here is a list of the most common food items that can cause discoloration of your teeth.

1.      Coffee

We all love a steaming cup of coffee to start our mornings. However, what most of us do is have the coffee after we brush our teeth. Since our teeth are porous, they end up absorbing the stain and become discolored over time. The tendency increases if you consume over 3 cups a day, a common number for many of us.

The best way to mitigate the effect is by avoiding black coffee and adding milk to help counter the staining effect. Additionally, whenever possible, brush your teeth after you drink coffee or use a mouthwash.

2.      Tea

Much like coffee, tea is a staple part of everyone’s routine. Tea contains tannins that have darkening properties. To reduce the discoloration, try to add more milk in the tea. Moreover, try to shift from black tea to green or white tea that does not cause too much discoloration.

3.      Soy Sauce

If you’re an avid fan of Japanese and Chinese cuisine, you might not like what we’re about to tell you. Since it is so concentrated, soy sauce is likely to cause discoloration of the teeth. It is advised that you use it sparingly to mitigate the effect. Moreover, it has a high sodium content too which is not good for people with high blood pressure.

4.      Blueberries

As delicious as blueberries are, they also cause discoloration of the teeth. The solution isn’t to banish them from your diet altogether, but apply the theory that less is more! After consumption of this fruit, you should swipe your mouth with water to help get rid of the dark liquid lingering on your teeth.

5.      Sodas

Sodas contain very high sugar content and acid, which are not good for the enamel of your teeth. To add to that, sodas have artificial colors that stain your teeth even when consumed in less quantity. Try to avoid sodas, and be sure to brush your teeth after you consume a cola!

6.      Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is somehow used in every cuisine. However, tomato based foods are known to cause stained teeth. An interesting and healthy way to prevent discoloration by tomatoes is to have some leafy greens before as lettuce and broccoli tend to create a thin film on your teeth to act as a protective layer.

7.      Red Wine

An occasional drink or two is fine, but regular consumption of red wine can stain your teeth. Red wine contains tannins that stick to the enamel and cause unattractive stains. Make sure you thoroughly brish your teeth after a night of drinking.

If you are battling with stained or discolored teeth, you can opt for affordable, yet effective teeth whitening procedures that will leave you with teeth as good as new and boost your confidence!

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