7 Food Items That Stain Your Teeth

7 Foods That Are Staining Your Teeth

Have you ever looking in the mirror after brushing and focused on your teeth? We all do it! Sometimes, we can look at them and leave satisfied knowing our teeth look great, but other times we notice discoloration around the edges, or lines of stains running down the surface of our teeth. But, what could be causing this? It’s simple; most things that we put in our mouth to chew or drink carry a little natural or artificial color of their own. This color or even the properties of the food can cause staining or foster the process of staining our teeth. Here are eight common food items to avoid if you want a perfectly pearly smile:

1.     Coffee

Coffee’s acidic properties break down enamel making any stains put it last longer. The dark color of the liquid then sticks to your teeth, especially where the enamel has deteriorated. Coffee is probably the most tooth staining food item that you could be consuming!

2.     Tea

Similarly to coffee, the dark color released by the tea leaves is made with certain dyes. Of course, there are some teas that stain your teeth less that others; the general rule is, the darker the tea, the more likely it is to stain your teeth.

3.     Beets

The red color of beets is used to make many natural dyes because of its potency and pigment. Even if you hold a beet in your hand, the red color stains your fingers and is often hard to get off. The same goes with your teeth; beet stains can be hard to get rid of.

4.     Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes also have a very vibrant color that many don’t know can stick to your teeth! Tomato sauce specifically stains teeth more, but generally anything with tomatoes will stain your teeth!

5.     Berries

The pigments in berries, especially the dark skin of a blueberry can stain your teeth. Don’t avoid these antioxidant packed fruits just because of staining though, just rinse your mouth with water once you’re done!

6.     Soda

Sugar and acidity in sodas breaks down the enamel and leaves it susceptible to staining. The dark colors used in sodas stick to the enamel and leave it stained.

7.     Wine

Wine is also acidic, and yes that includes white wine. Everyone knows that red wine stains teeth, but the higher acidic properties of white wine leave it open to more staining from other foods consumed after.

Of course, rinsing your mouth post eating or drinking these foods and regular brushing will help us avoid staining. However, even the most careful eaters have at least one guilty pleasure that will end up staining their teeth. Don’t worry, you can reach out to a dentist near you to remove stains and whiten your smile in no time!

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